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10 June 2010 @ 08:15 pm
On August 1st, I will be moving to Seattle.


More details to come, but dealing with this decision is part of the reason why it has been quiet here of late - I don't want to post until I'm sure of what I'm posting. But Matt and I have been doing the whole long-distance dating thing for two years now, so we decided it's time for us to be in the same city. After much talking and angsting and weighing the pros and cons (I made a list; this is me, of course I made a list!), we settled on Seattle. I do have a great job here in Spokane, and a great group of friends, but Matt's family all live in Seattle, there are more teaching opportunities, and it's in a more direct line to my family. Plus, looking at things in the long-term big picture... while we might have chosen Spokane and lived here for a few years, we'd have been drawn towards Seattle after a few years if only for the awesome that is Matt's family.

I'm going to miss Spokane, I won't deny it. Moving up here might not have been a brilliantly thought through plan on my part, but I've had a great four years here, and I really do like this city. I like looking out over the valley and seeing trees all along the hills. I like seeing snow on the mountains in the distance. I like driving to work without ever needing to get on a freeway. I like having four different seasons. I like the snow even though I hate driving in it. I like the thunderstorms that roll through in the summer and the first warm spring day that has windows being opened and tank tops being dug out of storage. I like driving through Green Bluff at harvest time and seeing the combines out in the fields. I like the mishmash of old houses in the neighborhood around GU. I like walking along the river with friends in the evening of a hot summer day. Say what you will, Seattlites, but Spokane is not without merit.

I am excited about Seattle, though, as much as I'll miss Spokane. Even though Seattle's streets are teeny tiny narrow (gah, and I drive a Jeep, which is not teeny tiny narrow), and even though it's built on hills (and I drive a MANUAL), and even though the houses are all built inches away from each other! All that aside though, Matt's family and their revolving crowd of friends are great people, and I'm looking forward to being able to spend more time with them. I already know more people in Seattle than I did in Spokane when I moved up here!

So yes, more details as they solidify and such, but the general announcement remains. Seattle!

10 May 2010 @ 09:26 am
Well, it hasn't been quite a month since I last posted, but still, it's been quite a while! Let's see, what have I been up to?

I did another trip to Seattle by train in April. I can't explain how much I love the train - it's an absolute blast, and aside from the arrival/departure times in Spokane, really much better than driving or even flying. Matt and Chris and I are planning a trip all together this summer; that'll be absolutely great.

Work has since gone crazy, of course, for graduation and move-out - I'm on day 8 of my 12 day week because of it. But things should start to settle down any minute now!

This weekend is Nathan's birthday (well, Thursday really) so on Friday there's a big group dinner. Matt's coming out for the weekend, and there may be picnic and movies involved... the weather is FINALLY warming up into something like spring. It snowed last week, did I mention? Seriously.

Other than that, just basic prep for this summer... more announced on that later when it's ready to go public to the world in general; if you're curious in the meantime, feel free to give me a call. :D

Time to work!

16 April 2010 @ 08:14 am
I woke up this morning with a bit of lyrics in my head, and by the time I got to work, I realized that I actually know almost all the words of the chorus to a song from high school that I didn't even LIKE especially.

Whereas I completely forgot my lunch.

Please explain to me how my memory works again to filter what's important enough to save? Because really, The Party Song by blink182? Really, brain? You need to try harder.

06 April 2010 @ 09:48 am
Okay, Spokane: I was in Seattle for Easter, and it's spring over there, with all the green and flowers all over the place - don't you think you could manage to do the same thing over here now that it's officially April and all of that?

26 February 2010 @ 07:59 am
So I love this town, really, but would it be too much to ask for more than two smoothie places in all of Spokane? Really? And could maybe one of them be, you know, open before 8 so that I could get one on my way to work for breakfast?

I woke up early today (on a FRIDAY) because Fridays are my treat days, and I wanted to drive to the Jamba Juice before work to get a smoothie. Imagine my dismay when I find it is not open. And the Keva place doesn't open til ten. TEN! Who wants smoothies that late in the day? They are a breakfast food!

Gah. My lack of smoothie means I am consoling myself with a milkshake. Oh well, happy Friday!

22 February 2010 @ 05:19 pm
Today is one of those good news, bad news days that make you sort of just stare at them for a while.

Good news: I got a promotion at work, complete with new job description, new job title, and raise. Go me!

Bad news: the starter in WTB decided to shuffle off this mortal coil.

But more for the good news side of things:

1. It should be fixed tomorrow.
2. It should not eat the entirety of the difference between my normal monthly wage and my new and improved monthly wage (which equals a net gain, at least in theory).
3. I have been saving enough money that the fact that this happened four days before payday does not make it a financial impossibility to pay for said repair before payday.
4. It decided to die only after it was parked in the car repair shop parking lot after I noticed it acting funny (thought it was the battery dying), not while I was stranded somewhere. This is a new development in my car's usual method of protesting it's innards, one that I firmly and wholeheartedly support.
5. There is a possibility that I get an extra week of vacation with this promotion.
6. I have a spiffy new nameplate on my office door (from "Clerical Support" to "Administrative Assistant").
7. I beat Mass Effect 2 yesterday (...I know, that does not really fit in on this list, but really, I'm still proud of that).
8. It was sunny and almost fifty degrees today.

So! Clearly the good news overwhelms the bad news.

...I am still going to be saving for a new car.

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17 February 2010 @ 06:41 am
So, weekend of awesome.

BUSY weekend of awesome, but awesome all the same. Matt arrived on Friday night, and he and Chris and I went out to dinner together. Then on Saturday, Paul arrived, and we picked him up and promptly went to the Imax theater to watch Journey into Amazing Caves. Because come on, documentary of childhood, with music by the Moody Blues! Matt and Chris thought Paul and I were a little crazy, but it was great.

Character creation for Changeling started that afternoon, and continued until the Montana crowd arrived. We played only for an hour or so on Saturday, and picked up again Sunday after people returned from church, and was finally finished on Monday around 4. The plot pretty much consisted of "win the pennant", and everyone had waaaaaay too much fun. There was a storytelling competition, a lava-lamp campfire, singing, jousting, a scavenger hunt, an archery contest (which turned into a melee contest!), and a melee contest that devolved into capture the flag. It was kind of amazing, a very good introduction to Changeling and a great way to spend the weekend.

Yesterday Matt left very early int he morning, and I traded hours at work to take the day off to hang out with Paul. We drove into Idaho, hung out and had lunch, and then drove back and spent the rest of the day chilling out - Nathan came home in the evening and we watched some stand-up comedy with dinner. We also crashed cars together on the PS3, which was a lot of fun. I forget how much I love that game!

I dropped Paul off at the airport at o-dark-thirty this morning, and am now at work getting ready to make up some of those hours I took off yesterday. Oh well, it was totally worth it - it was a great weekend.

However, I am still going to crash SO HARD tonight that I'm not sure if I will play any Mass Effect 2. Ohnoes!

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12 February 2010 @ 08:15 am
Went out and saw Avenue Q last night due to the unexpected cheap ticket that would have been unused by friends. I have to say, it was funny, but I was more impressed by the voice acting and the puppetry skills than the songs and the plotline.

Today is Friday, and thus begins the weekend of glory. Tonight, Matt arrives in town from Seattle, and he and I and Chris are going to dinner to discuss old stories and plots and come up with grand ideas. Tomorrow, Paul arrives in town from San Diego, and I am going to pick him up so that we can catch up over lunch. Then Michelle's brother Scott (and co) arrive from Montana, and character creation begins.

In honor of Paul being in town, we decided to do a one-shot RPG weekend, because last time he was here he couldn't play in our group (we were halfway through the epic Vampire game). So Nathan volunteered to run old Changeling: the Dreaming, we collected the best players we could find from our town, state, and general area (Montana is the Pacific Northwest, right? It's only a two hour drive away, that's closer than Seattle!) for an epic weekend of gaming.

Of course, no one except Nathan and Scott have ever PLAYED Changeling, but that's a minor detail. Saturday afternoon once Paul is settled we begin character creation, and start game if we finish early enough. Sunday is Valentine's Day, and we start game once people are all back from varying churches. We will stop game long enough to have a fantastic Valentine's Day potluck dinner, and continue game on President's Day Monday. After which we will all collapse into Rock Band (most likely), Burnout 3 (if we have no brains left), and leftover food. I have candy, and will make cupcakes and truffles in honor of Valentine's Day; everyone else is in charge of the "healthy" food!

Tuesday I have off of work (I traded hours) because everyone will have left from the gaming weekend and that means I get to hang out with Paul. It depends on what he wants to do - he has mentioned a specific store in Idaho and Red Lobster, so it looks like the day is set! I think I'm going to take him into work for a bit of the day, to show him off (and make sure it has not collapsed without me).

But for now, milk and donuts at work! My Friday is a win. :D

01 February 2010 @ 08:54 am
Originally, I was not truly a part of the Mass Effect 2 hype that seemed to take over the gamer world last week. I mean, I thought Mass Effect itself was a great game, but I didn't play it until nearly a year after it's release, and on my one play-through I thought that it was cool... but not cool enough to go back and play through again, much less to go through and play it through completely.

Still, it was the first video game I've completed in years and years, and it's very detailed and amusing and in general good fun, even if the only male romance option for a female Shepard is basically Carth. So I was told that Mass Effect 2 is coming out, and while Matt got very excited and Nathan made plans to play it on the flatscreen tv in the living room, I... didn't really care. Oh, I made plans to play it, in a "once the guys are done I'll borrow it from someone" type of way, but mostly I was satisfied with the idea of watching Nathan play it as he went through his first run. I'd work on my blanket, and it'd be just like watching him play every other video game: crochet during any repetitive combat, watch any cutscenes, chime in with advice on puzzles. This is a long-standing tradition now, and is how I have seen Sands of Time, Warrior Within, Two Thrones, Assassin's Creed, Assassin's Creed 2, WWE vs Raw 2008, 2009, & 2010, Prince of Persia, Prototype, Lego Star Wars, Lego Indiana Jones, Arkham Asylum... It's a fantastic way to see the plot without doing all the work myself (why yes, I am lazy, why do you ask), and only rarely do I feel the need to play the game myself afterwards (Prince of Persia and AC2, I am looking at you).

I figured it would be the best way for me to see Mass Effect 2 - with a housemate who will play it multiple times and a boyfriend who will play it multiple times, I figured I'd be pretty well covered. So while the rest of the world carefully replayed Mass Effect for save data to transfer to the new games, I... read manga. Rearranged my room. Did nothing.

Then Nathan starts the new game, and about an hour into it I realize my mistake. It's shiny, it's pretty, and I want to play it for myself several times (not because I want to try all the classes, but because I want to see what happens with a ton of the romance options, why yes I am a girl shut up).

In other words, I spent the weekend playing Mass Effect. Now, I first played it through a year ago, and in my haste to actually beat the game, I skipped an awful lot of stuff. I am not making that mistake this time! I'm discovering so much more in the game than I did last play-through, and I'm really enjoying myself. Little things like using the spacebar menu help too... It makes combat so much easier when you actually read all the tutorials!

My goal is to finish Mass Effect this week, so that this weekend I can import my character into Mass Effect 2 and start playing the new shiny game. But honestly? Even if I don't get that far for a while, I'm really pleased with Mass Effect 1, and am greatly enjoying myself.

So in other words, my weekend was spent killing people in space for XP. It was a FANTASTIC weekend.

25 January 2010 @ 08:52 am
I will admit to possibly going a little crazy this weekend.

On Saturday, I woke up and stared at my bed and thought, "You know, it's really time to turn the mattress around, because there's kind of this dent in the middle of it from where I always sleep and sit on it." So I go off and start my laundry, and once the roommates are both conscious I decide I can make a bit of noise. So I remove the mattress. Once I get the mattress off, I remember, "You know, my bed frame has been creaking a lot, and it's easier to fix with everything off of it rather than crawling around underneath it. I already have the mattress off..." So I remove the box spring as well. I fix the box spring (painter's tape is my FRIEND; also, when I move, I want a new frame not made of spindly bits of metal I can bend with my hands, just sayin'), and stand there and contemplate the empty frame and all the stuff I keep under my bed.

"You know," I say to myself, "I sweep this room every Saturday, and yet there are an AWFUL LOT OF DUST BUNNIES under my bed. Since everything's off of the frame, I could take out everything that I keep under the bed and sweep it out!" So I begin cleaning, and sweep a lot of dust up.

Then comes the problematic bit. I look at the mattress and box spring propped up against the wall, and the empty frame in the middle of the floor, and all the boxes from under the bed neatly stacked against the closet, and I think, "You know, who said I had to put everything back exactly where it came from? I kind of think I want to move my bed so it doesn't stick out into the middle of the room."

With that brilliant thought, I quickly clear off my desk (table, really, God bless IKEA and college dorm furniture that survives into the real world) and remove it. With it gone, worlds of possibility open up: look at how much SPACE I have in my room! I move the printer cart, and sweep the disaster of dust bunnies I find beyond it (it's been a year, okay? Some of them hide from my weekly sweeping, I guess). I wrestle my bed frame into its new home, and after much puffing and slipping and near-disasters, replace both the box spring and the mattress (which I did remember to turn!). Once the bed is remade, I stare at the printer cart and bookshelves and dresser and nightstands. "You know," I think, "I could switch some of those around, too!"

I pull all the books off my small bookshelf (well, the one in my room, not the one full of romance novels in the closet, no I'm not embarrassed about that one why do you ask), and move the bookshelf and replace all the books (which are now horribly out of order). Then comes a mad frenzy of moving dresser and printer cart and nightstands and DVD rack. And of course, my little voice says, "You know, since you're moving everything and taking everything out and all, you should really clean everything before you put it where it belongs." So I go through my dresser. My DVDs. My nightstands. Even my shoes (which did not get moved due to things not fitting like I thought they would, though I of course only realized this after I removed them and tried to make things fit. Next time: tape measure!). Things got dusted and cleaned and sorted. I found things I forgot I had, I found things I forgot where they were, and I found things I forgot had not yet gone to Goodwill.

At some point, Chris came over and kept me company while I sorted through everything that I put on my bed until it could find a home. He even helped me move a bookshelf to the place it didn't actually wind up staying (sorry, Chris). Luckily, I decided not to move the big bookshelf. "You know," I tell Chris, "it would have been a lot smarter to have done this two weeks ago BEFORE I put up all my pictures." Actually, since I'm not moving the big bookshelf - it will stay in that corner until I ACTUALLY move - everything else fits just fine under the pictures.

I finish moving things, and sorting things, and bring my desk back into the room. It fits, but of course the things next to it no longer quite allow the door to close. (TAPE MEASURE. It's on the shopping list for next time.) I decide to deal with that pesky detail later, and set up my desk and clean off my bed. One swap of a bookshelf and DVD rack later, and everything fits! I celebrate my victory over my new room by sweeping it all AGAIN (seriously, I really do sweep this room every Saturday; how does this much dust accumulate?). I then decide I deserve some ice cream as it's now 9:30pm at night and I started this mess twelve hours ago.

My roommates finish studying O-Chem and come home from work (respectively), and give me really weird looks. "Why did you decide to switch everything in your room around today?" they ask.

"Oh," I say vaguely. "You know..."

...no, really, I'm very pleased with how my room has turned out. It seems like I change it all around about once a year, and this ought to hold me until I move out (which is, in theory, going to be June or July ish, whether to a place here in town or a place in Seattle is as yet not certain). But I learned a couple of things from this whole crazy process!

1. Do not move everything by yourself. Seriously. My lower back disapproves.
2. I own a lot more stuff than I think I do, despite the fact that most of it has been crammed into one room.
3. Books. I own lots of books, and they are all heavy. ESPECIALLY the textbooks.
4. When I do move out, it will take a lot more time than I thought it would to pack and move everything.
5. There are actually two heating vents in my room (I know, the second one actually WORKS even though it's the old style, who knew?).
6. Sweeping every week is apparently not enough to keep dust bunnies from multiplying.
7. Do not unplug your only music-making devices right before you start. Those are important motivators!

Then I was really lazy yesterday in retaliation for my Saturday (also because I wanted a heat pack for my back and had to settle for a hot shower), talked with Matt all day online, swept (AGAIN), did my taxes, stayed up far too late reading manga online which I don't think I've done since college, and treated myself to Starbucks on the way to work today because it was snowing, darn it (yay Christmas gift cards).

Hurrah for weekends... can I have another please?

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19 January 2010 @ 09:19 am
So I used to do this thing every year, where in December I'd post the first sentence from the first post of each month of the year. Granted, I am a little late, but here it goes...

January: So, the first triumph of the new year was actually making it into Seattle on New Year's Eve.

February: I have SHINY NEW COMPUTER.

March: So I can not only say that I actually own an umbrella, but I can now say that I have even used it in the rain!

April: I think I am growing mutant vegetables.

May: On the way back home from San Diego (which was an AWESOME trip, by the way), I looked down out of my plane window as we flew over town, and went, "Hey, I recognize where we are! I know what road that is! ...THAT'S MY JEEP!!"

June: Summers seemed a lot more exciting when I was a kid, somehow.

July: So, it's official: when I turn on my car's AC, I no longer smell the desert.

August: August is an insanely busy month at work, and boy have I been feeling it!

September: One of the many reasons I love this city, and Washington in general: I recently completed my first year of working at Gonzaga.

October: It's now dark when I drive into work.

November: I went out and cut my hair yesterday - it's shoulder length and layered now.

December: Gah, it is cold.

Ah, 2009, you were a good year. A busy year, there's no denying that, but a good year.

10 January 2010 @ 05:19 pm
I have successfully made strawberry shortcake, and good grief, how did I ever go this long without attempting this? It was easy, it was quick, and mmm, it was delicious.

04 January 2010 @ 04:22 pm
So far, I think I'm settling into this whole 2010 thing nicely. Although doing all the catch up at work has meant that I have actually yet to date anything with "2010" - I'm still entering dates from 2009. I foresee a slight problem in my future...

Christmas and New Year's both went wonderfully. I got to see my family again, including several lazy days of just hanging out with them. I got to celebrate Christmas and reveal presents, and was given some pretty awesome presents in return. I got to see college friends I haven't seen since, well, college, and it was incredibly fun to just hang out and catch up with where everyone's been and dream about where everyone's going.

We had a bbq in December again, at Matt's request, and a few days later I sat outside in the sun with the college roomies eating ice cream. For hours. The change in the weather was definitely very welcome.

Then it was on to Seattle for New Year's, which was rung in at Matt and Beth's (not us, different Matt and Beth's place!) with some horribly awful movies that were unintentionally hilarious and a great crowd of people. A couple more lazy days spent with Matt, time spent tracking down Mike to see him before I left for a dinner or so, and then back home to Spokane for dinner with the housemates and Chris... followed by unpacking and the realization that my room is a mess!

But there are two noticeable differences about this year's Christmas/New Year's trip and last year's. First of all, weather: I did not leave Spokane covered in feet of snow, nor did I return to Spokane to find it covered in MORE feet of snow. This year, the winter theme is rain, rain, rain... though I will admit to seeing a few snowflakes today, they haven't stuck around.

Secondly, I have accumulated vacation since last year, which means that all of that awesome vacation spent with family and boyfriend being very lazy? Was paid. I could really get used to this stuff.

Now it's time to settle back into work, where I have made a large dent in the backlog of stuff that grew while I was away. And to clean my room, and do laundry, and grocery shopping, so that I have clothes and food (respectively) upon my triumphant return. These are important details to consider!

Tonight I go in search of a new bulletin board, as I managed to completely break mine the day before I left. And you know me - I need a place to post my lists! So a new bulletin board and groceries on the way home from work, and then it's time to start the laundry and see what I can cook up for dinner. It's great to be back, though. We start a new game next week, plans are being made for Paul's visit, and work is treating me well. Life is good - and the decade's off to a good start!

21 December 2009 @ 03:34 pm
This time last year, I was worried about making it home in the snow. This year, there is rain. Lots and lots of rain. I went out to my car this morning before work to drop some stuff off in it, came back inside, and remarked, "It's so warm out today I don't know if I need a jacket." Upon which one of my roommates checked the thermometer and told me, "The fact that you consider 41 degrees 'warm' indicates that you have brain damage.'

Oh well.

Still, I'm almost ready for San Diego and Christmas and Seattle and New Year's! The packing will be accomplished tonight, the fridge will be completely cleaned out tomorrow, and the day after I will park my car, go to work, and get ready for my trip down to warmer climes. I am very excited - Family and Boyfriend and Christmas and Vacation, all at once. How can it get better?

Why, by the possible College Roomies Reunion, of course! It'll be awesome.

Of course, this all depends on if I can stop playing Torchlight long enough to actually get work done, but hey, the game is addictive...

07 December 2009 @ 07:44 am
Gah, it is cold. I've been learning about wind chill recently. Wind chill means that though the thermometer says it is a balmy fifteen degrees outside, it really feels like -3. That was bad enough yesterday that Michelle and I literally ran across the parking lot to and from the grocery store and the safety of Nathan's car. Ah, seat warmers, how I love thee so...

Today, I learned that five degrees is not five degrees when it is windy, it is -10 degrees. Which is officially the coldest I've ever been, and I'm fine with not discovering what colder is like. My car did not want to start. Signs have been knocked off of buildings. My gallon jug of emergency water from my emergency kit is frozen solid.

But to make up for all of that, I have a mini Christmas tree in my office and it is somewhat adorable despite the blinking lights. When I have my own place (hopefully next Christmas) I will get myself a mini Christmas tree like this one, because it is cute and much less work than the big ones. Plan!

18 November 2009 @ 07:57 am
I am... hm, 80 percent done with my Christmas present shopping? Ish? This makes me feel accomplished.

Of course, I still have to wrap it all and put it all together and whatnot, but hey, mostly done is mostly done! I feel prepared and rather pleased with myself.

On that note, I am sending out Christmas cards this year! If you want me to send you a Christmas card, feel free to reply with your name and address (comments are screened) and I'll do my best to bring you tidings of holiday cheer and such. For my family that read this... don't worry, you're probably already on the list. :P

I feel so adult and accomplished!

On that note, game night tonight, and other awesomeness. Nathan bought Assassin's Creed 2, so I'll be watching a lot of that while I try to finish my blanket. Lots of stuff going on at work (can we say OVERTIME, and lots of it?) which has culminated in me being given an unexpected and quite appreciated raise (YAY). Plus a recent trip to Seattle which was absolutely amazing, as I got to see everyone there again and catch up on what is going on in life and computer games. And there was Sunday brunch, which means everyone came over and there was good food and fun conversation and lots of laughter, plus I got to see Tara's baby who was an adorable carrot. And Matt and I were very lazy together, and it was beyond good.

In conclusion, life is, indeed, good.

06 November 2009 @ 07:25 am
I went out and cut my hair yesterday - it's shoulder length and layered now. I really like it, actually, which surprises me a bit, since I wasn't going to cut it this short. But I went a little shorter so I could do the Locks of Love stuff, and I'm actually really happy with where it is. Hasn't been this short since probably 8th grade! I keep playing with it; I'm probably driving people nuts. :D On the other hand, it can't be TOO much of a drastic change, as it took my roommates about four hours to notice it...

The snow didn't stick around (the first stuff never does), but today we've got really windy weather and some rain coming, which makes me just as happy. Have I mentioned how much I love living up here, in a place where there are trees and weather? It makes me gleeful to watch the seasons change. Even if it is now pitch-black when I get out of my class at five.

I MAY have had ice cream for breakfast today in celebration of it being Friday, and it MAY have been Moose Tracks and it MAY have been delicious. I can neither confirm nor deny.

29 October 2009 @ 09:42 am

That is all.

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22 October 2009 @ 07:33 am
It's now dark when I drive into work. Hurrah for changing seasons? It's also returned to the coat, gloves, scarf, and hat ensemble time. Fall! Whee.

Life continues. Matt came out to visit, which was amazingly awesome despite the fact that three of us got food poisoning and several things were broken. Oh well, before all of that happened, he and I managed to go out to Idaho together. Red Lobster date night went fantastically, and we stopped at Cabela's on the way home so I could get my crazy winter hat of the year (tm). It is Das Hat! ...Even though I think it's more Russian than German. Yes, I named my hat. Mark and Caroline will know exactly which one I am talking about. It is a great hat and it keeps me toasty warm. It also makes my inner child rather gleeful because come on, it has earflaps. Really. Das Hat is obviously the best hat ever.

No snow yet, and the temperatures have decided to swing back up after dipping down into the thirties already. So the leaves are all turning colors, and things aren't too cold yet, and Halloween is next week and I have no plans at all. I must be getting old.

30 September 2009 @ 07:48 am
I survived the ending of the play, hurrah!

I then did the best thing ever: took a day off. Since I worked on Labor Day, I got a random day off this month, and I saved it for this past Monday. So after spending all weekend doing play related stuff, instead of having to wake up and go to work on Monday morning, I got to sleep in, do laundry, go grocery shopping, and dink around on the computer. Then I went to class and met up with Chris for Monday Night Football. All in all, an excellent Monday - guaranteed to make this week seem shorter!

I had an eye doctor appointment yesterday, too, for new contacts. For the first time since I started wearing corrective lenses (uh... fourteen or fifteen years? 1994 or 1995, I think...) my prescription has not gotten any worse! I could be (gasp) stabilizing now that I'm all grown up! The good news with that is that if I remain stable for long enough, I become a candidate for surgery to fix my eyes, something that I have never before been able to do. Not that a) I can currently afford it or b) I like the idea of people using knives and lasers on my eyes, but hey, the possibility at least exists now, which makes me pleased. We'll see - in a couple of years I might not have to worry about contacts. Which would be cool, to be able to read the clock by my bed when I wake up.

Other than that, it's almost October, and it took til this week before the weather realized it. It went from record breaking heat to high of sixty degrees in the span of, oh, three days. Seriously, this city has problems with the weather. But I'm looking forward to a lazy weekend spent curled up on the couch with my blanket, crocheting, and laptop, and no mention of anything play-related. Hurrah, having a life again!

21 September 2009 @ 07:58 am
So I think last night was officially the last night this year I'll be sleeping with my window open. I woke up all warm and toasty under my covers, and then made the mistake of getting out of bed. After dancing around barefoot on cold wood floor and putting on clothes that felt as cold as they do when camping, I shut the window and decided that it is officially fall.

Then I used my heater on the way into work, walked across frozen grass to get to work, and open up the news webpage to see the "by the way, freeze warning is in effect". Gah, stupidity. Window is officially shut.

17 September 2009 @ 01:20 pm
Shiny new phone is shiny! And also complicated. But mostly shiny. I am pleased with it! I feel as though I have joined the modern world once again.

The play is about to take over my life again for the weekend. Nathan is out sick, so it's maybe a good thing I won't be spending too much time at home! This is what I keep telling myself.

There are vague plans being made for both Thanksgiving (possibly on the east coast?) and Christmas/New Years (San Diego and Seattle, though the whens of that are also very vague). Possibly also for January! This makes me pretty excited, all things considered - I like having stuff to look forward to. Of which, I get to see the boyfriend in October, and that's making this month go by really slowly. That's the problem with looking forward to things... time never seems to speed up when I want it to!

At the moment, though, life is great, though busy. Between work, Latin class, and the play, August flew straight by and September is threatening to do the same. But I've stolen some time here and there to get a bit of writing done (which I'm very pleased with) and I feel like my good old self again. This is good!

Oh well, back to work. Rehearsal tonight, then performances again all weekend, and then the work-week starts and I get three days off of the play (just work and class and game!). I missed Monday night football this week (and it was the Chargers too, drat it all), but next week and hopefully on all Mondays Chris and I are making plans that involve football, television, and good food. Which is a wonderful idea!

10 September 2009 @ 11:57 am
The play is taking over my life, but this is unsurprising. Next year if I do this, remind me that having tech week happening right around class starting is not the smartest decision I could have made.

Anyways, I'm really enjoying things, even if they are busy. Mark and Caroline visited last weekend, which was a ton of fun. There was even Pig Out in the Park that weekend, so it worked out well for all. Latin class is a blast and I'm really enjoying it, and the play is starting to wind up for performances (start tomorrow), which means my schedule will calm down at last. Hurrah!

I came home from rehearsal last night still wearing my stage makeup, and Michelle says, "Blue eyeshadow looks great on you, you should wear it more often." Nathan said, "Now I know what you're going to look like in five more years." Talk about mixed signals!

01 September 2009 @ 11:58 am
One of the many reasons I love this city, and Washington in general:

I recently completed my first year of working at Gonzaga. To mark said fact, the Staff Assembly gave me an anniversary present.

It's a survival kit.

Nalgene bottle, pocketknife, red LED flasher, whistle/thermometer/compass, survival shears, flashlight and - the best part - a silver space blanket. And I mean, I've owned all this stuff before, but how awesome is it that a) I was given a new kit and b) my place of employment basically says "Yes, we know you're going to go off and play in the woods, we like you enough that this is our hint to COME BACK TO WORK ALIVE."

Awesome. Clearly I am living in the right state. I love the Pacific Northwest.

17 August 2009 @ 07:53 am
So last week, the temperature dropped from being 102 degrees to with a low of 80 to 65 degrees with a low of 50. When did October get here? When are fifty degree temperature differences in a week okay? Gah.

I spent a relatively uneventful weekend, which was really pretty nice, and have a very busy week ahead of me. Play practice like usual, and then it's off to Seattle for Evening in the Park. Hurrah! I have been looking forward to this for over a year. It's going to be awesome.