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25 January 2010 @ 08:52 am
I will admit to possibly going a little crazy this weekend.

On Saturday, I woke up and stared at my bed and thought, "You know, it's really time to turn the mattress around, because there's kind of this dent in the middle of it from where I always sleep and sit on it." So I go off and start my laundry, and once the roommates are both conscious I decide I can make a bit of noise. So I remove the mattress. Once I get the mattress off, I remember, "You know, my bed frame has been creaking a lot, and it's easier to fix with everything off of it rather than crawling around underneath it. I already have the mattress off..." So I remove the box spring as well. I fix the box spring (painter's tape is my FRIEND; also, when I move, I want a new frame not made of spindly bits of metal I can bend with my hands, just sayin'), and stand there and contemplate the empty frame and all the stuff I keep under my bed.

"You know," I say to myself, "I sweep this room every Saturday, and yet there are an AWFUL LOT OF DUST BUNNIES under my bed. Since everything's off of the frame, I could take out everything that I keep under the bed and sweep it out!" So I begin cleaning, and sweep a lot of dust up.

Then comes the problematic bit. I look at the mattress and box spring propped up against the wall, and the empty frame in the middle of the floor, and all the boxes from under the bed neatly stacked against the closet, and I think, "You know, who said I had to put everything back exactly where it came from? I kind of think I want to move my bed so it doesn't stick out into the middle of the room."

With that brilliant thought, I quickly clear off my desk (table, really, God bless IKEA and college dorm furniture that survives into the real world) and remove it. With it gone, worlds of possibility open up: look at how much SPACE I have in my room! I move the printer cart, and sweep the disaster of dust bunnies I find beyond it (it's been a year, okay? Some of them hide from my weekly sweeping, I guess). I wrestle my bed frame into its new home, and after much puffing and slipping and near-disasters, replace both the box spring and the mattress (which I did remember to turn!). Once the bed is remade, I stare at the printer cart and bookshelves and dresser and nightstands. "You know," I think, "I could switch some of those around, too!"

I pull all the books off my small bookshelf (well, the one in my room, not the one full of romance novels in the closet, no I'm not embarrassed about that one why do you ask), and move the bookshelf and replace all the books (which are now horribly out of order). Then comes a mad frenzy of moving dresser and printer cart and nightstands and DVD rack. And of course, my little voice says, "You know, since you're moving everything and taking everything out and all, you should really clean everything before you put it where it belongs." So I go through my dresser. My DVDs. My nightstands. Even my shoes (which did not get moved due to things not fitting like I thought they would, though I of course only realized this after I removed them and tried to make things fit. Next time: tape measure!). Things got dusted and cleaned and sorted. I found things I forgot I had, I found things I forgot where they were, and I found things I forgot had not yet gone to Goodwill.

At some point, Chris came over and kept me company while I sorted through everything that I put on my bed until it could find a home. He even helped me move a bookshelf to the place it didn't actually wind up staying (sorry, Chris). Luckily, I decided not to move the big bookshelf. "You know," I tell Chris, "it would have been a lot smarter to have done this two weeks ago BEFORE I put up all my pictures." Actually, since I'm not moving the big bookshelf - it will stay in that corner until I ACTUALLY move - everything else fits just fine under the pictures.

I finish moving things, and sorting things, and bring my desk back into the room. It fits, but of course the things next to it no longer quite allow the door to close. (TAPE MEASURE. It's on the shopping list for next time.) I decide to deal with that pesky detail later, and set up my desk and clean off my bed. One swap of a bookshelf and DVD rack later, and everything fits! I celebrate my victory over my new room by sweeping it all AGAIN (seriously, I really do sweep this room every Saturday; how does this much dust accumulate?). I then decide I deserve some ice cream as it's now 9:30pm at night and I started this mess twelve hours ago.

My roommates finish studying O-Chem and come home from work (respectively), and give me really weird looks. "Why did you decide to switch everything in your room around today?" they ask.

"Oh," I say vaguely. "You know..."

...no, really, I'm very pleased with how my room has turned out. It seems like I change it all around about once a year, and this ought to hold me until I move out (which is, in theory, going to be June or July ish, whether to a place here in town or a place in Seattle is as yet not certain). But I learned a couple of things from this whole crazy process!

1. Do not move everything by yourself. Seriously. My lower back disapproves.
2. I own a lot more stuff than I think I do, despite the fact that most of it has been crammed into one room.
3. Books. I own lots of books, and they are all heavy. ESPECIALLY the textbooks.
4. When I do move out, it will take a lot more time than I thought it would to pack and move everything.
5. There are actually two heating vents in my room (I know, the second one actually WORKS even though it's the old style, who knew?).
6. Sweeping every week is apparently not enough to keep dust bunnies from multiplying.
7. Do not unplug your only music-making devices right before you start. Those are important motivators!

Then I was really lazy yesterday in retaliation for my Saturday (also because I wanted a heat pack for my back and had to settle for a hot shower), talked with Matt all day online, swept (AGAIN), did my taxes, stayed up far too late reading manga online which I don't think I've done since college, and treated myself to Starbucks on the way to work today because it was snowing, darn it (yay Christmas gift cards).

Hurrah for weekends... can I have another please?

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Taratara_f_ on January 25th, 2010 06:15 pm (UTC)
Beth, reading this made me laugh.

You rock.
Bethgirlscoutchick on January 25th, 2010 06:20 pm (UTC)
Good! That was the point. :D
twilitefoxtwilitefox on January 25th, 2010 09:35 pm (UTC)
you know..we haven't gotten to hang out in so long...but this soo sounds like something I would do...ummm have done. So I guess we are both crazy.

Gol only I think I've only learned some of your lessons- I always try and move every thing myself :) but every thing else...especially 7 is so very true.