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12 August 2009 @ 11:59 am
August is an insanely busy month at work, and boy have I been feeling it! I'm already looking forward to September... is that a bad sign?

I have officially signed up for Latin class and bought my books. I'll be taking Latin 101 this fall, just for fun to get back into it. Hopefully I haven't forgotten everything; I'm really looking forward to it.

I've been productive! Signed up for class, started filing paperwork, started planning Thanksgiving vacation (looks like I'll be in San Diego for almost a week, which will be nice), got car insurance finally figured out and done, finished the World of Darkness game I was running and made a character for the new superheros game Nathan will run, cleaned my room... all sorts of things! Plus there's the play practices heating up for opening in September too. Busy busy busy!

It's pouring rain right now, a nice change from the 100 degree weather we've been having. We've been getting some rain and nice thunderstorms; it's nice to not have to water my garden at night!

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29 July 2009 @ 07:59 am
The camping trip was GLORIOUS. Absolutely fantastic. We had a great time. Chris and I drove out Friday afternoon and met Matt there. Matt, being wonderful, had reserved us one of the last remaining spots, and despite roots making the tent area rather uneven, I don't think there was a better spot that we could have chosen.

We spent Friday evening goofing off at the site, where we fought with the white gas stove and emerged triumphant with taco goodness. Then we took a hike down to the beach, where we wanted around for an hour or so in the water, and then back up to camp, where we hid in the tent and watched the lightning as a storm passed pretty much right above us. It poured, it thundered, it lightning'd, and we were fine in the tents. It was great.

Saturday we woke up, made breakfast, cleaned up breakfast, packed up lunch, packed up all needed supplies, and hiked back down to the beach, where we set up chairs and claimed a table for the day. After we blew up the inner tubes and put on sunscreen and sat down with our books, we looked around and realized no one else was at the beach. Matt quickly determined why with a glance at his watch: 8am. Apparently we all wake up really early camping. Something to do with natural light, I'm sure...

We played football in the water, the boys went at each other with inner tubes and learned why headbutting each other is actually not a good thing, we floated and ate cherries, and sat around and read. By three we felt like we'd spent a whole day at the beach, so we packed up and hiked up to camp again - it had been a lot easier on the way down! We proceeded to spend the rest of the day lying out on the grass, reliving childhood on the playground, playing Phase 10, and having dinner.

Sunday we again woke up early, had breakfast, packed up, and left camp... all before 8, again. Matt had a longer drive back, so we decided to call the weekend good and head home from there - I dropped Chris off in town around 10, and was home myself by 10:30, so not a bad drive at all. I then had to deal with all the cleanup, which can I say is a lot easier when you have several siblings to help!

Now it's back to the regular work-week... A bit of a disappointment over how great the weekend was!

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23 July 2009 @ 01:30 pm
I went home at lunchtime today so that I could switch my laundry, so I have clean clothes to pack when I get done with game tonight. Imagine my surprise when, on the way back to work, I enter into an alternate dimension. One in which it is possible for it to be 90 degrees and sunny, and also pouring down hail the size of marbles at the same time.

Alternate dimension is alternate. Also, Market Street is gone. When did that happen again?

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19 July 2009 @ 11:19 am
So after two years of talking about it, the camping trip is finally a go.

Next weekend, Matt, Chris and I are going to be camping on Lake Roosevelt, out by the Grand Coulee Dam. I have most of my gear ready to go because it'll be a busy week until then. It's been an experience, getting the three of us to plan this by email, a bit hindered by the fact that none of us really have much camping gear. I thought I had a really nice set of camping pans, but I can't find them anywhere. Then again, since most of my stuff is packed up in the basement, I couldn't do as thorough of a search as I wanted...

Anyways, through various borrowing and begging we have acquired things like tents and a camp stove, and all of us having sleeping bags and pads. I'm in charge of food (we camp so we can eat!) and it will be FANTASTIC. I'm already looking forward to it.

I have all my checklists going, too - this is me and my organizational bent. I'm really grateful that I know what I'm doing from so many Girl Scout and family trips! This isn't my first camping trip with no "adults" - the road trip to Zion with Mike and Patrick was, back in... 2004? - but it's only the second one, so I feel a little odd to think that really, if I forget it, Mom's not going to be around to remind me and check if I've packed it!

Still, I think we'll manage pretty well. I've got the food covered, Chris is bringing the tents and the stove, Matt's getting there early to camp out a site for us... and all of us have done plenty of camping, so it's not like we have no idea what we're getting into. Still, I like my lists, and the fact that I have enough background and experience in this to know what I'm doing. It's been... wow, since the summer of 2005 since I've gone on a camping trip? No, I take that back - I went with Grandma and Grandpa in the camper out to the desert with Cory and Kim back over Christmas break in 2006. Far too long, either way. This shall change that!

How to tell I'm just a little excited about it. If we manage this one, it means that we know we can do it and that we'll be able to keep on doing weekend trips until we all have enough time off to actually pull a long trip.

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08 July 2009 @ 08:03 am
Last night I made green bean casserole, and it was delicious.

This is a success on two levels:

1- I made a green bean casserole, and it was delicious! I love green bean casseroles and have never before attempted to make one, much less have it turn out successfully. Win for cooking!

2- All the green beans in said casserole came from my garden. Hurray! It's useful!

As you might be able to tell, I'm very proud of myself.

05 July 2009 @ 07:41 pm
So, it's official: when I turn on my car's AC, I no longer smell the desert. I am quite saddened by this.

Otherwise, though, the fourth of July was great. Matt drove out from Seattle - he got in Thursday night and left around one this afternoon. On Friday we went out mini-golfing with Nathan and Michelle and then out to dinner at Red Lobster, and on Saturday they both left for Montana so we had the house to ourselves. We promptly spent the rest of the weekend lazing around on the couch - he played some video games and I read my For Better or For Worse comic books. :P We're such dorks. It was ridiculously nice to have him around, even though we weren't doing anything and no one was over... Probably BECAUSE we didn't have anything to do and no one was over, so we got to just hang out together and kind of revel in the fact that we were in the same place. It was really fantastic beyond words.

Last night we went to dinner at Chris' place, where we played bocce ball and I was downright awesome. I apparently have talent at underhanded throwing of heavy softballs, who knew? Then we all went to GU and found the perfect place to watch fireworks, and afterwards Matt and I went home and collapsed. And today we spent another lazy morning together reading and video gaming and just enjoying the fact that we can sit together and do different things and still be perfectly content with the other's company. It was nice. Really, really, perfect.

Of course, he had to go back to Seattle after noon, but while he was here, perfect. We've decided that this time next year we'll be in the same place. We don't know where that will be - here or Seattle - but we've decided to make a decision, even though it'll be a tough one to make. But we've been dating for a year now long-distance, and by next year it'll be two, and... we'd like to be in the same place. Rather a lot.

But for now - it was one of the best weekends I've ever had. Going back to work tomorrow is not going to be easy! At least tomorrow night is OOT rehearsal, and I'll find out what part I'm going to play this year...

29 June 2009 @ 11:45 am
To follow the music theme of the past few posts, I now have the soundtrack to the new Star Trek movie, and it is fantastic. Especially the track entitled "Enterprising Young Men".

I just had a nice lazy weekend - we did a barbecue on Saturday night that was incredibly tasty and provided me with leftovers for lunches for most of this week, and we went to see Star Trek again on Sunday since Michelle hasn't seen it yet. It was just as much fun the second time around.

I didn't get too much done, though. Oh, I cleaned, and I got everything done that I meant to get done, but it was nice to finish all the needed things and still have a great deal of time to sit back and dink around on the internet or play some games or write. I'm very pleased with my writing at the moment - I've got lots of ideas and I've been able to actually write some of them out again, like I did back in college. It's the first time this has happened since I moved up here, really, and I'm greatly enjoying it.

I've also started playing Assassin's Creed on Shiny, which, can I say... SHINY. It's a great game and a lot more in-depth than I thought it was from watching Nathan play through it. Thought pickpocketing is HARD. That is so far my least favorite type of mission, but I'm only in Damascus for the first time, still... hopefully I'll figure it out soon!

Auditions for Old Orchard Theater are tonight. I'll show up and see how embarrassing the play is this year (it can't be worse than last year), see when the rehearsal/play schedule is, and if they need someone my age in the cast. If so, I'm in, if not... oh well. No big deal!

I'm also thinking of signing up to take language classes this coming semester. I'll have to okay it through work, of course, but I'm 90% sure I'm going to do it. The question remains, what do I want to take? Latin, to relearn everything I've forgotten from high school? Or French or German, two languages I am also interested in? Decisions, decisions...

23 June 2009 @ 04:13 pm
In other music related news, the Dueling Banjo song? Makes me want to learn how to play banjos just so I can randomly do that and be awesome.

Yes, I really might be a dork. How could you tell?

I have more games for my computer now, courtesy of awesome boyfriend. I expect to spend much time playing them in the near future - if I get enough sleep to justify wasting time on the computer. Note to self: do not wake up at 7am, go to the dentist at 2:30pm, and then go to work at 5:30pm. When you're done with your eight hour shift, waking up the next day for your normal morning shift is Not Fun.

19 June 2009 @ 08:15 am
My commute to work, including finding parking, is exactly two repetitions of the song "Blue on Black" by Kenny Wayne Shepherd on my iPod.

What you may deduce from that statement is that I love both my city and greatly enjoy that song. It's only a little stuck in my head, and I'm only a little pleased that my commute is so short.

13 June 2009 @ 10:56 am
I think that lazy weekends are marvelous things. I'm sorting through my books and cds and movies today - I've forgotten some of what I have because I don't have enough bookshelf space for everything. I have one big bookshelf and one small one out in my room, both crammed full. The tall one even has the books stacked in neat piles rather than standing up like they normally do, just so I can fit more on it! I've got another small one in my closet that's stuffed with paperbooks double-parking in front of each other... and I STILL have two more boxes of books that I keep under my bed because there's nowhere else to put them!

Considering that I left 90% of my books in San Diego when I moved up here (the benefit of having siblings who enjoy reading the same series as me is that I at least know they went to good homes!), I think I can safely say that I greatly enjoy reading. When I have a place of my own I'll have to get at least another bookshelf to put everything out on! As it is now, I just don't have room for anything else crammed into this room, so in boxes under the bed they shall stay.

Another thing I have decided I'm going to get when I have room for it (read: when I have my own place) is a filing cabinet. AT the moment, I keep important papers and notes and things in one of two places, and while I have things pretty decently organized (this is me, after all), I keep thinking how much easier it would be if I just had a single filing cabinet with hanging folders, rather than stacks of folders and envelopes piled on top of each other.

I know, random post. Oh well, it's what was on my mind. Also randomly, I have discovered the comic series Fables, and it is beyond fantastic. Once I have money I shall begin adding it to my already full book collection! It's such an innovative idea, and really well done. I blitzed my way through it after getting one at the library to test it out, and I'm very glad I did. The concept is, fairy tale and fable characters are real people exiled to New York when their other-realm Homeworlds are conquered by the Adversary. Snow White, Cinderella, and Sleeping Beauty have monthly meetings to complain about their ex-husband, Prince Charming. Boy Blue is Snow White's assistant, and she's the assistant to the mayor of Fabletown, Old King Cole. The big bad wolf is the Sheriff, and he's not allowed at the Farm, where nonhuman fables like the Three Little Pigs and Sher Khan and Reynauld the Fox live. It's great, I love it.

And on that note, Chris is coming over to do lunch and hit the library and the bank (errands and hanging out, it's a great thing), so time to get going to be productive. Hurrah!

04 June 2009 @ 12:37 pm
Summers seemed a lot more exciting when I was a kid, somehow.

The weather's turned warmer, which is great, and my garden is doing AMAZING. I plan on eating homegrown salad next week. I go out to weed very thoroughly once a week, which means I'm getting a bit of a tan, and yesterday I started to thin my carrots. It somehow hurts my soul to pull up perfectly good growing things that will one day be tasty, because I stressed for so long about how nothing was going to grow. It's like killing tasty snacks! I object to such a thing. Next year I will not plant so many seeds assuming that only half of them will grow. Next year I will plant them spaced apart and assume they ALL will grow, which means it'll utterly fail because that's how karma works. Oh well, details.

Nothing much is planned for June - maybe a trip to Seattle around Father's Day, but all the exciting stuff seems to be happening in July and August... 4th of July holiday, a camping trip with friends (hopefully, we're trying really hard!), Evening in the Park. June seems kind of like a dead month at the moment. Do dentist appointments count as excitement? I hope not.

28 May 2009 @ 12:02 pm
At this time last week, I went and chopped ten inches off my hair. So far, no one I have not pointed it out to has noticed on their own. I think this is a sign that I still, in fact, have long hair. But I'm pleased with my haircut. It's sort of a staggered cut, going from shorter to longer around my face, and still long enough to pull back, which was exactly what I wanted. I'm very pleased with it, and am contemplating going back to get another couple of inches wacked off because I had forgotten how much easier it is to have (relatively) short hair. Also because the cut is still longer than I thought it would be, but that's a better problem than the other way around! We'll see if I decided to do that - I'll wait a month or so first.

20 May 2009 @ 03:14 pm
Matt was in town this weekend. Aside from the bbq and outdoor game session of glory on Sunday, on Monday he took me to see the new Star Trek movie. Now, bearing in mind that I was raised on Next Gen, not the Original Series, I have to say that I thought it was a fantastic movie. It was both good Star Trek and good movie, and yes, there are differences between those two. And the lines! Oh, wow, the writing of one-liners was just unbelievable. Enough witty references to the old without completely overdoing it, and enough rewriting of the new without utterly beating up the past. Excellently done.

Furthermore: Mr. Lucas, you should be hiding under your covers somewhere weeping, because THAT, Mr. Lucas, THAT is how you make a prequel movie to revitalize a beloved franchise. Successfully. Gah. Why couldn't the Star Wars prequels have been half as good? Really.

In conclusion, it was a great movie, which I highly recommend. It also had a soundtrack that I think I will save up to get as my next "splurge" purchase, because the music was simply wonderfully awesome, so much so that I was pulled out of the action or pretty scenes or whatever to go, "Wow, this is awesome music".

12 May 2009 @ 07:16 pm
And on this day, I have conquered the kitchen. And by that, I mean that I have successfully managed to make a very tasty shepherd's pie from scratch. As those who have had to put up with living with me can attest, my attitude and ability in the kitchen can best be described as "spastically enthusiastic" - which is, I occasionally get stuck on the idea of making something, but otherwise tend to just eat whatever's in front of me.

The latest of that series of "things Beth wants to learn how to cook" was shepherd's pie. I got some ground beef, realized that there was ground beef in shepherd's pie, looked up the recipe, tweaked it to compensate for not having enough ground beef nor any beef broth, and ta-da! I have created tasty tasty food. I so approve of this newfound talent.

Though the recipe was labeled "Easy Shepherd's Pie", and I greatly disagree with that. It required a pot, a skillet, AND a casserole dish, and make me learn how to make real mashed potatoes. This does not equate with "easy".

Bah. It was a good reward for surviving a trip to the doctor's office for a physical, though. And now I have leftovers for lunch for the rest of the week! Win #2.

I really am quite proud of myself. It's kind of silly. I should have waited to make it for a day when Michelle was at least at home - Nathan doesn't eat potatoes (silly man) and I don't even know if Michelle would like the pie either. So it was me in a big empty house making this big casserole. Oh noes, leftovers!

07 May 2009 @ 09:55 am
On the way back home from San Diego (which was an AWESOME trip, by the way), I looked down out of my plane window as we flew over town, and went, "Hey, I recognize where we are! I know what road that is! ...THAT'S MY JEEP!!"

So yeah, we actually flew right over the house and I saw WTB sitting on the curb outside of the house, forlornly awaiting my return. It was kind of really great.

Also, driving home late from the work meeting that was last night was absolutely cool. Big white glowing full moon drifting through the clouds behind me to the south, lots of lightning flashing through the clouds ahead of me to the north. I went to bed watching the lightning out of my bedroom window. It's the little things that make me happy.

27 April 2009 @ 11:20 am
This is the month of travel. I was in Seattle briefly this weekend - I took the train over Saturday morning (VERY early that morning) and rode back with Nathan on Sunday afternoon. I will report being really, really impressed with the train, and will recommend it to any and all that I can. My desire to take a cross-country train trip is fueled by how great the train trip was.

Saturday I got into Seattle around 10:30. Nathan, who was already in town, picked me up at the station and we went with his friend Craig (who is awesome) to hang out at Pike's Market for a while. Then we went to a birthday lunch for another of his friends, where we had some awesome root beer before we left for Nathan to drop me off at Matt's place. Matt got off of work in time to let me into the house, where I promptly collapsed for a few hours. We did dinner that night, some hanging out, great fun.

Sunday we woke up kind of early for more of the chilling, and then Matt went to work. I stayed at the house and did Sunday brunch with Mike and Diana, Amie-June and Tyler, Nat, and Diana's friend Tracy. The cinnamon rolls were FABULOUS. It was Mike and Diana's nine-year-together anniversary, which I didn't know, but was equally awesome. I also got to meet Pan-cat, who was adorable.

Nathan came over around noon, and Matt got off of work shortly after. The three of us went out to the park to show it off to Nathan and to say hi to Raoul. I was still recovering from my cold (and had no voice!) so we didn't play, but we said hi to everyone and went out to get lunch, where we had a lot of fun. Then I had to say goodbye to Matt and we left to drive back to Spokane. Due to Nathan's good driving, we did not die on the road despite attempts for us to be impaled by flying pieces of metal siding, and due to my McGyver skill with a magazine and two hair-ties we had a mostly-working side-view mirror for the drive home. Which was lots of fun despite flying metal siding.

I still don't have a voice today, and still have a bit of a cough, but I'm doing a lot better than last week and am confident that I'll be well by the time I hit San Diego on Wednesday night. I'm really looking forward to being in California for a few days and seeing everyone (and getting nice warm weather, mm) but I'm not looking forward to the two straight weeks of work I'll have when I return - hurrah for working weekends during move-out!

Oh well. It's been a good month so far; I'm looking forward to seeing how the end of it goes!

21 April 2009 @ 01:27 pm
So other than an adventure involving a rusty nail and tetanus shots, this weekend was a blast. I had it off, the only weekend I wasn't traveling or running around town, and I stayed at home and puttered around enjoying it. Lots of reading was done, there may have been some cleaning involved, and all in all it was an excellent weekend.

Sunday Nathan's dad brought over the roto-tiller - and boy, is that thing SCARY. I have no desire to use it, and it makes me nervous when Nathan uses it. Spinning metal blades of DEATH attached to a gas-powered motor that drags one across the yard. Oh yes, I can see this ending very badly. Since he was getting started on the roto-tilling, I decided to start work in the garden to help get ready for the tiller. Our neighbors mentioned that they had some raspberry sapling-things if we wanted. I said sure (Michelle likes them, and I liked picking them at Grandma's house) and headed over to receive big bucket o' raspberry twigs. I then turned to go back to the backyard, and discovered that rusty nails embedded in planks of wood can be long enough to go through inch-long soles on tennis shoes.

So yeah, I proved I really am my grandfather's granddaughter. I pulled said plank of wood out of my foot (fun) and Michelle was kind enough to drive me to the Urgent Care, where we waited three hours for them to finally call me back, give me a tetanus shot (owie), and clean shoe/sock fibers out of the hole in my foot (more owie). Then, limping but bandaged and assured of no lock-jaw (this of course happened two weeks before I was supposed to go back in for my tetanus shot appointment), Michelle drove me home where the boys had finished roto-tilling the back yard and my garden, and were rocking out. So there was much Rock Band to be had by all, which is possible to be done standing on only one foot.

Yesterday I started planting my garden. I am rather ridiculously proud of it, as scraggly as it looks. I'm going to finish planting it today, including the raspberries of BLOOD AND DOOM, which better turn out darn well for the effort involved in getting them. Chris swung over to help yesterday, and after that we went for dinner and started the summer tradition of driving around talking afterwards. Today it's just as nice out as yesterday - I am looking forward to going home to wear shorts and a tank top and try to get some sun while I finish planting. Of course, with my stylish protect the foot at all costs tennis shoes on, I'll get a horrible sock tan, but then, I am just shallow enough to care.

Oh well. Hurrah for spring!

17 April 2009 @ 04:12 pm
My wireless mouse died the brutal death of broken receiver, may it rest in peace.

I now have a NEW wireless mouse, and I feel that it deserves a name. I will have to think on this.

In other news, though, it's FRIDAY, which means that it's the weekend. The only weekend this month where I am not traveling or otherwise preoccupied! So I have made a to-do list (the garden goes into the ground this weekend, roto-tiller or no roto-tiller!) and have blocked out copious amounts of time to be productive.

Granted, part of my to-do list contains items dealing with playing or installing no less than four different computer or video games, but hey, weekend! A girl's allowed. Plus, I still maintain that Prince of Persia may, in fact, be my most favoritest video game ever. It's pretty and fun and simple enough to play that I don't feel overwhelmed, with a storyline and a character who does flips and runs across walls. But the best part? I have a minion/partner who does not allow me to die, so I never need to worry about seeing the "GAME OVER" screen, or worry about "did I save before starting this combat?" or "if I fall off the top of the tower I completely fail". Which is a wonderful thing in a video game, let me say.

15 April 2009 @ 01:13 pm
It has come to my attention that, should I manage to remain living with Nathan and Michelle through May 13, I will have lived in the same place for a whole year through.

This will be the first year since my senior year of high school where this has occurred. And if this stays constant til August 31, for the first time in seven years, I will not have to move this summer.

Can we all say, HURRAH! together?


P.S. Oddly enough, for the first time in seven years I feel that my stuff is organized enough that if I WAS moving this summer, it would not be as jumbled as it usually has been.
09 April 2009 @ 11:49 am
And lo, the sun did come out, and I got into my car and shut all the windows and basked in the nice warm heat it provided.

Then it got cloudy again today, and it's supposed to rain, but hey, we at least hit sixty degrees for two whole days in a row. That's never a bad thing!

07 April 2009 @ 11:47 am
I think I am growing mutant vegetables.

Seriously! I planted them last weekend and they're already all green and growing and about ready to transplant. This is ahead of schedule, plants! You weren't supposed to grow that fast! The garden ground is not yet ready!

But yes, my plants are doing well. I am very pleased.

Matt visited this weekend, and ran a D&D campaign, so the house was filled with friends, chaos, laughter and good food for most of the weekend. It was a blast, but very exhausting. I'm in recovery still. I'm trying to get everything on my to-do list done as quickly as possible so that I can drive to Seattle for Easter.

In further news, the sun actually came out, and with it came warmth. It hit sixty degrees yesterday for the first time since October! I am wearing a skirt and sandals at work, and plan on not wearing my jacket for my daily walk! I know, craziness. What is this warm weather of which I speak? It's not supposed to happen. This is April, for crying out loud!

But yes, I am very excited despite the fact it's supposed to rain again this weekend. The sun actually exists (I was beginning to doubt). I get to be productive outside once more!

30 March 2009 @ 10:58 am
So I have discovered several things this weekend:

1- Plastic greenhouses are easy to plant in, and I approve of them greatly.

2- The stumps of birch trees, luckily, do not have tap roots. They do, unfortunately, have an utter TON of roots, which, when pulled/dug/hacked out of the ground, create an awful lot of mess over what was once grass.

3- I am now an adult and thus allowed to swing a full-size axe/pick.

4- Said swinging of axe and pulling of roots results in a workout of rather epic proportions.

5- I may be somewhat more interested than anticipated in watching wrestling thanks to wrestling video games and the awesomeness which is the Undertaker.

6- I now own a wrestling video game.

7- My crocheted blanket will take FOREVER to finish, but I am now on skein of yarn #6. Or 7. Or maybe 5. I lost count somewhere. I will also have to go buy more yarn.

8- My friends and I should probably not all go out to eat in public when we're all in good moods, because of the conversational hijinks which will then occur.

9- "Don't Stop Believing" is coming out for Rock Band on Thursday. WIN.

10- I have now lived through the snowiest Spokane winter in history, as it snowed MORE on Sunday and officially broke the winter record.

Ah, the things I learn...

27 March 2009 @ 08:22 am
I have started prepping my garden, since yesterday was nice and sunny. I filled a third of the huge recycling can with dead branches and twigs, and barely started weeding. If the weeds are any indication, this is great soil. I have seen carrots with smaller root systems than some of the stuff I pulled out.

I wish I had taken a "before" picture of it, because it looks a lot better already. Part of the ground near the garage is still frozen, so I didn't do a complete weeding yet. But I got all the sticks out, and some of the weeds - to the point where I can feel how much work I did yesterday in my legs still! I'm hoping with another few days of good weather the ground will be okay for me do a real weeding job, and start to get rid of some of the grass clippings that are covering the whole thing. The soil beneath them looks really good, so I'm really excited.

I need to get a good metal rake, though. Because there are still a ton of little twigs to get out, plus all that grass. Then I can do a real weeding, which I need to get my weeding stick thingy for. But this weekend I'm going to start my planting in my little plastic greenhouses, so I'll have actual green growing things to plant in a few weeks instead of just seeds. Seeds make me nervous! I never know how many will actually work, so I like the greenhouses that let me plant only the ones that survive.

Michelle and I also went out to dinner last night, something the two of us haven't done in a long while. We had an absolute blast, and I even thought ahead and got something with no meat in it, so now I have leftovers that I can have for lunch today! I was smart for once. Next Friday I'm planning on making egg salad, because I have been craving that recently. Of course, I also want to add bacon to it, which won't work as well for Friday... but details!

25 March 2009 @ 02:17 pm
So far today has been a fantastic day, with one exception. The Sourdough Place, where Michelle and I usually meet up for lunch, has closed! Sad day. I have many good memories of meeting up there, starting way back to last year moving out of my apartment when we met there for lunch for the first time.

But Michelle and I went out to lunch at Sonic (cranberry slush ftw!), and there was even a cake at work. It was yummy. And I've been hearing from people wishing me a happy birthday all day long, and it's been really good to hear from everyone! So all in all, it has been an excellent day!

I walked to get my mail and it was bright and sunny, and I walked back with my mail and it was snowing. The weather is apparently indecisive about what it wants to be.

I hung out with Chris last night, and we talked about all sorts of stuff. Based off of some of what we talked about, I have an idea of where I'm going to be going with the WoD game I'm running. ::cackles:: I've freaked out many people already, and it's just going to get better from here!

20 March 2009 @ 04:03 pm
Today is apparently the first day of spring, and wow, did the weather time it right. I wore a short sleeve shirt to work today, and not only did I wear it on my daily walk to the student center without any kind of jacket or sweatshirt over it, but I spent my second break reading my book outside on the bench in sort of kind of not really sun.

It was really nice to be outside again. I officially am ready for the weather to be like this every day.